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Wholesale Fashion Sterling Silver Jewelry

As a wholesale online supplier, we at Alamode Fashion Jewelry have a vast collection of fashion sterling silver jewelry to meet the needs of all your clients. Our expertise in the design and manufacture of quality fashion jewelry can be seen in every piece of our inventory. We have more than 25 years of experience in providing clients like you with what is needed to keep customers coming back for more.

One thing that sets us apart from other wholesale dealers is the quality of sterling silver we use in the production of our jewelry. Pure silver is too soft for producing jewelry pieces. In order to qualify as 925 sterling, it must be 92.5-percent silver and seven-and-a-half percent some other alloy. We use zinc and lead-tin alloys to meet the standard for making jewelry.

Wholesale Fashion Sterling Silver Jewelry Comes in Many Designs

We use a variety of plating materials over the sterling silver base metal. Gold-tone plating is used for those pieces for which the gold color is preferred over the silver. Rhodium plating is used for sturdy, silver-color jewelry that is long lasting and tougher than some of the other plating types. We also have silver-plated, antiqued-tone, mat, two-tone, tricolor and special plating, with or without stones.

We have the wholesale experience in fashion jewelry that you can count on to build your business. Our personnel will be glad to assist you in determining the best choices in sterling silver jewelry for your customers. Set up your business profile today, so you can get your order on the way.

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